About s.e. rittel

I love to write! No matter what my mood or situation in life, writing has always been the way celebrate or cope. Now I want to learn how to share what I love with others, & how to write that which is worthy of being shared. If it is light or dark, frank or twisted, funny or maudlin, it is in me.

3 Responses to About s.e. rittel

  1. Hey S.E.!

    Emily told the world about your blog through hers and since she has been super inpirational in my life since I met her through the lovely blogosphere, I thought I would come by and say hi. *Hi*
    I’m Deana and hope to see you published along with Emily one day:) Good luck!

    • serittel says:

      Thanks for stopping by Deana. Emily is a doll, and an inspiration to many, including her much older sister! (yeah, that’s me). Feel free to stop by and let me know what you think anytime. I appreciate the support very much.

  2. peterhobbs1 says:

    My first, but not my last, visit to your blog, and I read the lovely post about your Grandmother. How touching that was to read, I look forward to many more posts from you in the future.

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