The Other Girl

My photo is no longer my husband’s smart phone wallpaper. I didn’t spy on him, or stumble across that piece of information. He was pretty excited to show me the new girl, actually. He has her profile picture in a frame with the words “love at first sight” under the photo. He gets online just to buy things for her & create wish lists for future purchases. She’s always on his mind, & frequently becomes a part of our conversations. I suppose I am a little jealous. But I understand. No one will ever be as beautiful or brilliant or as talented as she. I can’t complain. After all, as in love with her as he is, the intensity of that love will magnify an hundred-fold once he is able to hold her in his arms. Congratulations, Daddy, on the baby girl who will soon be all yours.

About serittel

I love to write! No matter what my mood or situation in life, writing has always been the way celebrate or cope. Now I want to learn how to share what I love with others, & how to write that which is worthy of being shared.
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