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And when I breathe in

IM000069 Cool, crisp air brushes my neck at 5:00 in the morning as I open the door to let out the aging silver and black tomcat. In just a few short weeks that nibble of chill creeping under my t-shirt … Continue reading

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The observer…

outdoor restaurant cafe seating I sit with my headphones in my ears, listening to Mumford & Sons, or Ani Difranco, or Amanda Palmer. It doesn't matter what I listen to most of the time. I have many musical muses with … Continue reading

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Fail Better (via aforkinthestory)

What a fabulous quote, and I do so appreciate your thoughts on this, that I had to repost you. I love those things that loosen my joints when the paralysis of fear overtakes me. Fear is stagnant. It prohibits progression … Continue reading

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what do you do when you’re frightened?

What do you do when you’re scared of the dark, or can’t stop your heart pounding and sweat pools in the palms of your hands? How do you quell the internal screaming when you spiral out of control and think … Continue reading

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song of sorrow & of joy

Song of Sorrow and of Joy She cried and as her tears rained down, Song rose within her heart. For as that pain was hers to bear, It was, by far, the lesser part. But who am I to forgo … Continue reading

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To all the ones I’ve loved before

I wish I were funny all the time. I wish I always made people smile. But, there are those who don’t smile when they think of me, some who sigh, some who redden or pale with anger; hopefully some who … Continue reading

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oh myspace, I had almost forgotten…

I have no excuse for this maudlin peice of trash, I’m not even 100% sure I wrote this, despite it being in my voice, and on my myspace page, and absolutely, without a doubt, at my level of over-dramatitizing. 2008 … Continue reading

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